Scholarship 2024

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

We hope this finds you in Chardi Kala!

This year, 2024, will mark the 30th anniversary of Sikh Children’s Day. This year, like last year, there will be no program in person, instead, SCD will focus on high school seniors starting their post high school education.

The scholarship competition became a part of Sikh Children’s Day in the year 2000 to encourage high school seniors to pursue their goals for a higher education. To date we’ve given over $90,000 in scholarships to youth headed for college, university or trade school or wherever their post high school journey takes them.

We want you to apply for this scholarship regardless of what school you’ll be attending, what your future plans are and what your GPA is. Our hope is that you use this scholarship to help you with your education and when you are able, that you pay it forward and help others in the future.

Use the printable form and email or fill out the application online.

Scholarship deadline will be Sunday July 21st with the winners announced by Saturday July 27th.

Email, call or text for any questions.

Thank you and good luck!     714-904-3837