Scholarship 2021

Sikh Children’s Day is an event the Foundation is proud to host every year. Over three hundred children take part in this special day! This day usually comprises of various competitions in kirtan, speech, kavitas, dastarbandi(turban-tying), gatka, basketball, gurbani recitation and more. Many families all over California come together to bring their children to this amazing event every year. Many volunteers and parents who work with the Foundation help bring this event together.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll now be giving even more scholarships this year!

This year, 2021, will mark the 28th anniversary of Sikh Children’s Day and will focus on encouraging high school students to pursue higher education. All high school seniors are encouraged to apply for one of the many $500.00 scholarships to be given away. Please see attached flyer.

Scholarships became a part of Sikh Children’s Day in the year 2000 and to date we’ve given over $70,000 to youth headed for college or trade school.

This year, scholarships will be given in the memory of S Jusdeep Singh, S Navneet Singh Quadian and S Ujjaldidar Singh.

S Jusdeep Singh was a young Sikh who had a love for knowledge and learning which were apparent in all aspects of life. Jusdeep was well-known for impacting many lives and always spreading positivity.
S Navneet Singh Quadian was a young Sikh who had a passion to defend his community and the Sikh nation during his short life. He assisted in the construction of several Sikh buildings in Ludhiana. He was a devout Sikh and loved helping young Sikhs find their way and motivating them to do good for Sikhi.
S Ujjaldidar Singh was a young Amritdhari Sikh who took Amrit at the age of twelve. After he took Amrit, he participated in Amrit Sanchars as a Paheredaar, and did Sewa where he could. He was proud to be a Sikh.

We are honored to be giving scholarships in the names of these three young, exemplary Sikhs.

Deadline to apply is July 17, 2021. Please reach out for any questions and spread the word!
Thank you!
-Sewadars of the USMF––714-904-3837

Scholarship applications must be completed and submitted July 17th, 2021. No exceptions.

Scholarship Application 2021