Scholarship 2022

Sikh Children’s Day is an event the Foundation is proud to host every year. Over three hundred children take part in this special day! This day usually comprises of various competitions in kirtan, speech, kavitas, dastarbandi(turban-tying), gatka, basketball, gurbani recitation and more. Many families all over California come together to bring their children to this amazing event every year. Many volunteers and parents who work with the Foundation help bring this event together.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll now be giving even more scholarships this year!

This year, 2022, will mark the 29h anniversary of Sikh Children’s Day. This year, like last year, SCD will focus on high school seniors starting their post high school education.

The scholarship competition became a part of Sikh Children’s Day in the year 2000 to encourage high school seniors to pursue their goals for a higher education. To date we’ve given close to $80,000 to youth headed for college, university or trade school.

We want you to apply for this scholarship regardless of what school you’ll be attending, what your future plans are and what your GPA is. Our hope is that you use this scholarship to help with your education and when you are able, that you pay it forward and help others in the future

Scholarship deadline will be Sunday July 17 th with the winners announced by Saturday July 30.––714-904-3837

Scholarship Application 2022